Collection and redistribution of spectacles and hearing aids

Lechlade and District Lions Club

The Lechlade and District Lions Club helps many causes with financial and practical assistance.

One of the national projects we support is the collection and redistribution of redundant spectacles and hearing aids.

We have local collection points in the Fairford Doctors’ Surgery, Fairford Opticians, Lechlade Medical Centre and Lechlade Pharmacy.

If you have any redundant items take them along to your nearest drop of point and we will collect them and send them to a central distribution point. Once they have been checked they are sent to eye and ear clinics all over the world.

Every year Lions Clubs send 300,000 spectacles to eye clinics and have been doing so for more than 35 years.

We also fund raise throughout the year and help local and national causes, if you are involved with a recognised club or group and need support we might be able to help.

In the first instance contact Lion Steve Jones at with a brief outline and we will consider your request.